Dr. Linda Kingsbury demonstrates lunging techniques with Red





"Become the leader of your life. Reconnect to your authentic self for clear navigation of life's transitions."

~Linda Kingsbury

Equine Facilitated Learning with Horse Heart Connection

Self Discovery with the Heart of the Horse

Dr. Linda Kingsbury has dedicated her life to supporting people in building their health naturally and living their best life now. Her work expands to getting out of the office and into the outdoors and experiencing earth wisdom connections. She loves her outdoor office with the sky as the ceiling and the trees and mountains as the walls and the earth as the floor. Being in the fresh air provides a wonderful classroom to learn and grow.

Creating a safe and supportive space for horses to be our teachers allows us to uncover the genius within and to bring our unique gifts forward. Horses provide truthful nonjudgmental feedback to our emotional state, beliefs, and behaviors that affect our personal and professional growth. They give us great biofeedback about where we are and how to live more connected to our body sensations and taking actions that are right for ourselves in the moment. Learning to be aware of your mind-body connections helps you in all areas of your life to modulate your arousal levels and life a life of joy and meaning.

Studies are now confirming the health benefits from being with Horses:

A personal growth coaching session can help you:

Transform your relationship with your horse by:

Learn with the horses through ground work and non-riding experiences.

Linda welcomes your call to schedule a session with your horses or a phone coaching session today or to coordinate a time to bring her to your area for a class. 208-883-9933 or grace@horseheartconnection.com.

JOIN US in PUERTO RICO, FLORIDA, or HAWAII this fall and winter for extraordinary opportunities with horses in paradise. If you are considering an EponaQuest Apprenticeship, you can meet your Introductory workshop requirements with us by attending our Horse Heart Connection Workshops in Puerto Rico in October, Florida and the Bahamas in November, or Hawaii February 9-12, 2015. You can Register by clicking here .